10 Green Flags You Need To Notice

dating dating tips Aug 11, 2021

When dating, we are quick to notice when things aren’t going well. We can easily notice red, orange and yellow flags.

But how are you when it comes to noticing when things are going well?

Green flags are those things that makes you pause and think, this is a really nice man. Green flags shows you that this person has great potential for a healthy, loving relationship.
Just like with red flags, it’s important to not ignore green flags. If you are desiring a relationship, if your desiring a happy, loving relationship I want you to pay attention to the green flags.

10 Green Flags To Notice

  1. He’s a great listener (and responds to your thoughts and opinions with a sense of openness and curiosity.)
  2. He asks for your opinions, thoughts and views
  3. You feel comfortably yourself around him and can openly discuss any issue
  4. You have similar core values
  5. You have similar goals and intentions for your life
  6. You feel supported, encouraged, inspired and empowered
  7. You feel safe, valued and respected
  8. When he disagrees, his intention is to find a solution or can accept the differences versus making his point and winning
  9. He respects your boundaries
  10. He takes responsibility for his life (things that have happened to him and for him, choices he’s made)

Are you the type of woman who sees a green flag in a man and thinks to yourself, I wish I was attracted to him.

If you are used to meeting, being attracted to and dating men who are bad boys or men who have to have an edge, a green flag may turn you off. This is because you’re not used to having someone treat you well. And that’s a real shame.
If a man treats you well, you become uncertain and for some of you, you probably self sabotage. It's not your fault. You never learned what a happy, loving relationship feels like. That can change.

I want you to pay attention to the green flags. I also want to encourage you to give the man with green flags a second chance.
Why, you ask?

It’s known that men fall for women quicker than women fall for men. For women, we need to get to know a man, we need to trust and feel comfortable before we're able to allow ourselves to have feelings for someone. I’m not talking about that initial attraction, that fleeting initial attraction. Those things rarely last. I’m talking about deep, long lasting love, the kind where you feel completely yourself and don't have to be made to feel small, to feel doubt, to feel unlovable.

Think back to that one person that you loved the most.
Were you automatically attracted to him? Probably not. Most likely, you slowly got to know him and you slowly developed feelings for him. If this isn’t true for you, I encourage you to reply to me or email me at [email protected] and tell me that you don’t think I know what I’m talking about because I know this to be true.
If you sit down and think back to that relationship, that relationship where you were the happiest and you felt the most accepted, you’ll remember that it took you time to get to know him.

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Date intentionally (by noticing the green flags),

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