3 Beliefs That Keep You From Finding Love

Jul 21, 2020

Are you desiring a relationship, a partner, an incredible love & yet, it's not happening & you can't figure out why? Do you see it working out for others and wonder why it’s not working out for you?
It could be because of 1 or all 3 of these (destructive) beliefs.

It could be a:

  1. Belief about yourself 
  2. Belief about others
  3. Belief about your surroundings 

These 3 beliefs affect how you think, how you feel and how you behave.
These beliefs affect how you think about yourself, others and your surroundings.
These beliefs affect how you feel about yourself, about others and about your surroundings.
These beliefs affect how you behave, how others treat you and how you either attract or repel people, situations and circumstances in your life.

Let me break it down for you by asking you some questions and then, I’ll explain why it affects you in the most negative ways and prevents you from finding love. With these questions, answer to yourself truthfully.

Do you find yourself believing that no one would ever be interested in you?
Do you think to yourself, why would anyone be attracted to me?
Do you quietly say to yourself, maybe I’m just meant to be single all my life?
Do you think if only I was slimmer, curvier, prettier, smarter, more successful, earned more money?
Do you sometimes feel unworthy, unlovable, like you’ll be alone forever?

That’s a belief in yourself that keeps you from attracting the one. It puts you in victim mode which is really hard to get out of. It’s why you have trouble dating and oftentimes attract negative people into your life, people who take advantage of you.

I had a client, Penny, who believed she was unworthy. She was afraid that men would ghost her. She had no problem in meeting men and exchanging numbers. But, time and time again, each man she met would stop texting her, cancel on her or not show up. We worked together and by month 3 she was able to turn everything around and even received texts thanking her for being in their life, for being so amazing and they couldn’t wait to see her again.

Do you believe that all the good ones are taken?
Do you feel like there’s no good men out there?
Do you believe that all the men out there are only interested in sex?
Do you think all men cheat?
Do you believe that all men will lie to you?

That belief in others also keeps you in victimhood by blaming the men out there. If you blame the men, it takes the onus off of you meaning it's not you, it's them. And, if it's them you might think, why even try?

I have a friend who can't seem to maintain interest in a man. She’s sexy and desires a relationship but, only attracts men who are only interested in her for sex. On her dating profile, she puts up sexy pictures and talks to them provocatively. When they react as most men do, she gets upset wondering why they move on after sleeping with her.

We have yet to work together but, I hope one day she’ll ask me for advice.

Do you believe that you can’t find love because of Covid?
Do you feel dating apps don’t work?
Do you feel living in a big city/small town makes it too hard to date?
Do you think there’s not enough men/ too many women out there?
Do you believe statistics that have been debunked (see at the bottom*) that say horrible untrue things about the odds of women over 40 ever getting married?

Sure, with that belief in your surroundings it keeps you from stepping up. It’s easier to blame extenuating circumstances, situations, the whole world but, once again you’re a victim. And victims aren’t victorious.

I have a wonderful friend who at the age of 57 got engaged in 2018 and married last year for the very first time and the one she chose treats her like the Goddess she is. She was a guest speaker for one of my recent programs and is a true gem.

"Your life is the fruit of your own doing. You have no one to blame but, yourself.” said Joseph Campbell, an American professor who wrote, The Hero's Journey.

But, it’s not your fault. You can't help what's in your subconscious mind. But, you can help what's in your conscious mind.
I don’t want it to take you 5, 10, or 57 years to be in a happy loving relationship. You deserve to have what you desire. 

I invite you to book a complimentary 1-1 call today with me. I'm going to support you to understand your situation more clearly so you can gain more clarity on the steps to move forward and create a decision to determine if we can work together to create the result you desire in your life.
Just email or text me with 2 different days and times that's best for you. And, I’ll reach out to you.

Joseph Campbell also said, "The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek”.
I sincerely desire for you to uncover your treasure.
Don’t you?

Date intentionally,
Elizabeth Tritsch


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