7 Simple Steps to Overcoming Dating Resistance

overcoming resistance to dating Oct 26, 2023


Last week, we looked at what's keeping you from being in love and being in a relationship. If you missed the Big - 5 article, take a moment to review it by clicking here.

Last week's article helped you understand why you're not in a relationship and today, I'll help you overcome the resistance you have to dating. By learning simple tools and techniques, you'll successfully be on your way strolling down the path to love. 

Before we move forward, I'm going to let you in on two well known secrets that I've discovered through hundreds of hours working with clients and yours truly.

1. What you resist, will persist. Carl Jung went on to say, "what you resist not only persists, but will grow in size."

2. Resistance is an inside job. It's up to you to decide to break down the walls and open your heart to love.

It's not always pretty, but you have the power and intelligence to recognize and remedy those factors that are in your way.

The 7 Simple Steps To Overcoming Resistance to Dating

  1. Self-Discovery
  2. Self-Love
  3. Go Slow
  4. Seek Support
  5. Embrace Vulnerability
  6. Have Realistic Expectations
  7. Trust the Timing  

Next week, we'll dive deep into the 7 Steps so you'll have the tools to begin implementing immediately. See you next week.

Date to open your heart up to love,

Elizabeth, (Your Wingwoman in Love & Life)

Stop resisting dating & love.

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