7 Ways To Get Over Yourself & Find Love

overcome that freaking resistance Nov 02, 2023


Isn't it great to understand what's been preventing you from being in a relationship?

Have you breathed a sigh of relief knowing you're not the only one?

How do you feel knowing the Big 5 Reasons You’re Resisting A Partner are not your fault?

If you missed the first article, click here to catch up. 

Now that you know about the 7 Simple Steps to Overcome Dating Resistance, in last week’s article, we're going to dive deeper. I'm going to clarify the 7 Steps so you can get of your own way and can comfortably and confidently begin dating and begin creating your dream relationship on your terms.

Knowing and understanding the Big 5 Reasons You're Resisting a Partner is important but don't stop there. Pay special attention to how I break down each one of the 7 Simple Steps so you can begin implementing them starting today.

1. Self-Discovery: Before looking outside, its vital that you look inside. Let's begin by delving into the depths of your heart and soul. Take a critical assessment of your past experiences. Dig deep with radical honesty to uncover the roots of your resistance. Knowing why you feel the way you feel is the first step toward healing and genuine growth.

2. Self-Love: Once you gain insight into your experiences and emotions, it's time to eliminate self doubt with self love. Start by engaging in activities that nurture your spirit and raise your self-esteem, reminding you what an amazing woman you are. Show yourself empathy and self compassion by taking great care of yourself. When you truly admire and love yourself, it becomes easier for others to see your worth and love you, too.

3. Go Slow: Instead of rushing into the dating world, ease into it at your own pace. Begin by joining groups, socializing more and making new friends before dipping your toes into online dating. Little by little, you'll become more comfortable with the idea of dating and before you know it, you'll enjoy going on fun filled dates with amazing men.

4. Seek Support: You don't have to do this alone. Reach out to friends, family, or a professional dating coach for support. Sharing your fears and insecurities with others in a safe space can bring you increased healing, clarity and invaluable advice. (I took a class this summer on opening myself up to love because I was tired of getting in my own way - and it worked. I'm introducing this to my students in the new Art of Dating Academy program that starts in Jan. Psst... Pre-enrollment is open now but you have to be on the list for all of the details.) 

5. Embrace Vulnerability: Dating requires us to be vulnerable and open up when the time is right. Understand that rejection is just one part of the journey and it doesn't diminish your worth. There will always be dates that aren't in alignment with you and vice versa. Let them go lovingly with compassion and be grateful they've decided to end it early before wasting your time. Embrace your vulnerability and you'll open yourself up to deeper connections.

6. Realistic Expectations: Remember, no one is perfect. Isn't that great? That means we don't have to be either. Don't place unattainable expectations on yourself or potential partners. Dating is about getting to know someone and it's perfectly fine to have a variety of experiences along the way. Pay attention to hard red stops and ask questions when you encounter yellow and orange flags.

7. Trust the Timing: Love doesn't adhere to a strict schedule. Trust that the right person will enter your life when the timing is perfect. If it can happen to me and my students, it can certainly happen to you, too. Be patient and allow love to blossom organically. When you're in it, you may not be aware a relationship is growing. Your loving relationship with the right partner will unfold naturally and you'll wake up one day realizing how easy it all was.

Remember that finding love is a unique and beautiful adventure, one where staying true to yourself and having faith in the boundless potential for love that lies ahead is the key to success.

With a warm and open heart, you can conquer your resistance and welcome the love you so richly deserve.

With all my love,

Elizabeth (Your Wingwoman in Love and in Life)

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