Dating and Not Connecting?

dating and picky why you're not finding love Mar 03, 2023

Here you are…

looking for your someone special.

You're swiping left and right.

You're spending hours and days of your precious time, more like wasting it searching and searching.

And you're coming up empty handed.

You decide there's no good matches out there.

You think there's no one you like.

You feel they're not attractive, smart, successful enough.

Watch this video and see if this is you.

I speak to a lot of singles as a dating coach, who’s certified Science Based (in dating and relationships), as well as a Matchmaker.

And when I come across singles, who want to be in a relationship but
then they tell me that they’re really picky. 

That tells me something. 

That tells me that there is something that’s holding them back.

There’s something they’re resistant to if they’re telling me off the bat, that they’re picky.

People who are too picky, too choosy, too selective actually don’t want a relationship.

Because the relationship is what will give them love,
the giving and the receiving.

And when they tell me they’re picky then they’re telling me that they’re looking for one specific person.

And that one person is not what’s going to create the relationship.

It’s being open to the possibilities, to the opportunities of love.

What about you?

Are you searching for that one person?

That one person alone?

If so, you're going to be searching for a very long time.

The person who you fall in love with may look completely different than what you're searching for.

Instead, be open to the possibilities.

Be open to the opportunities.

Be open to true love and creating a relationship that will stand the test of time.

If you're wanting a loving, connected relationship, I'd like to offer you support.

The Art Of Dating Academy begins in April.
If you'd like to know more, comment on this,
"I'm interested. Tell me more."

Sending you much love.

Dare to be open,

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