Do You Treat Dating Like A Race?

dating Aug 20, 2021

Today as I sit down to write this, I see hundreds of people running past my window. There’s a marathon and I begin cheering them on, clapping and screaming encouragement and support.

I observe them and as I’m watching, I notice 3 groups or different types of people in the race.

I see those who are true athletes. You can tell these people have trained and were the first ones at the starting line. Their intention is to beat their best time.

There’s the group who’s a little slower and are running in packs with people they know, maybe it’s their friends. They’re having fun being social and enjoying the race knowing they’re going to get to the finish line.

The last group are lagging behind, often switching from running to trotting to walking. Some are determined to finish no matter how long it takes while others will give up.

When it comes to dating, which group are you?

Are you like the first group? You’re completely healed, you’ve trained by taking the time and effort to work on yourself with inner growth and personal development. You know what it takes to get you to what you want; a happy, loving relationship.

Are you like the group of runners who enjoys the social aspect and likes to do things with their friends. You know you’re going to get into a relationship eventually and you’re enjoying the journey.

Or are you like the third group? You want this to be over. You are tired and just want to be in a relationship already. You might be determined to see this through or you might feel resigned and stop 4 feet of gold.

Regardless of which camp you’re in, all three of these groups have something in common. They all have a similar goal. They may choose different routes based on their personality and where they are in life but they all want to achieve the same result. They all want to finish the race, be in a relationship and walk away feeling happy, valued and proud of themselves.

There’s many ways of achieving the same result. The choice is up to you.
You can be like the first group and hire a 1-1 coach and get the individual attention you need to get to the finish line that much quicker.
You can enroll in a program with others (or even your friends) and together receive the encouragement and support that you need to get you where you want to be.
Or you can go it alone. Maybe you’ll finish the race or maybe you’ll feel so drained, so exhausted that you say you’re no longer interested.

Which ever way you choose, there is no judgment. If you want the same result of a happy, loving, sexy relationship, you get to decide the best way to make that happen.

Let me know which group you’re in.

If you’re in the first or second group and you’re looking for support, I can help.
If you're in the last group I want you to know that you don't have to go it alone.

Let's talk and get you the support you need so you can continue being the fabulous woman you are, this time with a loving partner.
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