Feeling resistant?

Jul 07, 2020

Are you finding yourself resistant to dating? 
Have you spent so much time inside during Covid that you’ve forgotten what it’s like to go on a date?
Have you forgotten when dating was fun, exciting, full of promise?
Or, did you never really enjoy dating in the first place?

I get it.
It’s more comfortable being at home.
It’s more comfortable staying safe.
It’s more comfortable giving up.

But, will doing all those things get you what you desire?
Will doing all those things bring you happiness, true comfort?
What do you desire?
Do you remember or has it been so long you can’t even imagine what you wanted. 

Do you desire to have a wonderful loving partner?
Do you desire to be in a happy healthy relationship in which you can completely be yourself and feel valued, respected and appreciated?
Do you desire to have someone in your life, someone to cook with, someone to chill with and watch movies with, someone to fall asleep in their arms knowing that they love you and get you completely?

You don’t have to give up hope.
You don’t have to to feel sad and lonely.
Most of all, you don't have to do it alone.

Today, can be the day when you allow yourself to believe you deserve better.
Today, can be the day you do something different.
Today, can be the day you change your feelings which will change your thoughts and inspire you to take action and finally get what you desire.

If you need help, if you don’t know how to start, I invite you to reply to this email and I’ll reach out to you to have a chat.
Together, we’ll talk about your challenges, about what’s holding you back, what’s keeping you stuck and you’ll have a much deeper understanding of your situation, as it is now. We'll get you some clarity on what you want things to be like and then, I'll support you to make a decision on how to move forward.

Because, if you continue doing what you’re doing and it’s a year from now, will you be happy?

Date intentionally,
❤️ Elizabeth 

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