Halloween Flirting Tips That Work

dating tips halloween dating tips Oct 25, 2022

Less than 2 Weeks.

You have less than 2 weeks before Halloween.
Time to get cracking on your costume. Be smart and either plan on going to a party, club or bar or arrange a date during this spooky season.

Whatever you decide, be sure to wear a costume.

Wearing a costume can have you being more welcoming and flirtatous.

Disguises can make it easier to chat someone up. It can also make it easier for someone to come up to you to get to know you better.

If you don't know what to say when you approach someone, here's some opening lines and tips.

Making a comment won't always elicit a response.
Instead, ask a question.
Any question will do.
Questions inspire a conversation, comments don't.

Safe Opening Lines
Is this your favorite holiday?
Great costume! Did you make it yourself?
Cool disguise, what made you come up with it?
Are you going to a Halloween party?
Any cool parties where you live?

Flirty Opening Lines
Where are you going after this?
Want to hear a scary story?
Would you like to ditch this and go get a drink?
Do you prefer tricks or treats?
Aren't you curious what I have on underneath?

After using an opening line, don't let the conversation fall flat.

Make a connection by getting your hottie to open up. Ask about his/her favorite costume or childhood memory. The goal is to build rapport.
Share something interesting about trick or treating where you grew up. Then, move on to what their plans are for the following weekend. If there's interest on both sides, exchange numbers or share Instagram accounts.

Along with your costume, bring a prop. A good prop can be anything that will be a good conversation starter. It can be a cape, musical instrument, glasses, gloves, jewelry or even stickers. Be creative and original.

If you're shy and reserved, your prop can do all the talking. Depending on your prop, most interested people will have something to say about it. There's lots of wonderfully shy people that need encouragement to approach or speak to you. So make it easy for them.
If you're more daring or outgoing, use the prop to draw attention to yourself. Take up space and stretch out whether you're sitting or standing. Strike a power move and use your prop repeatedly to gain someone's attention.

If your outfit doesn't have a prop, bring candy that you can share.
Who doesn't want free candy?
Be sure the candy is wrapped and won't melt in your hands, purse or pockets. Go around the room and offer it to get the convo flowing.

You're in disguise and Halloween is all about tricks and treats.
Don't be afraid to approach someone and ask a question. You can compliment them on their costume and ask for a picture. Better, take it of the two of you.
How's that for building rapport?
Get their number and tell them you'll forward it to them.
If someone's not interested, shrug it off and find someone who is.

Be sure to psych yourself up first by putting out an intention.
Say aloud before going out,
"I'm going to connect with 3 people and exchange numbers with 2" or
"I'm meeting someone and we're going out this weekend".
When you have a goal in mind, it's a lot easier to get what you want.

Both men and women are more open and playful during October so use this to your advantage. Use your costume, props and opening lines to be more daring and flirty.
Cuffing season is around the corner. Wouldn't it wonderful to make a connection and have dates for all of the upcoming festive parties in November and December?

Dare to wear a costume and flirt like you mean it,

P.S. One extra tip…
Post a pic of yourself in a costume on your dating profile (mine's below) with the words, "Trick or Treat". Add it to all of your social media accounts.
That way, you'll attract someone who enjoys Halloween as much as you.

  1. What's your costume going to be?
  2. What props are you bringing?
  3. What's your opening line?

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