Has Your Dating Taste Changed?

Jun 21, 2023

Quick question, do you want the same things you wanted 5 years ago? 

What about compared to last year?

Yet, you probably have this idealized version of your perfect partner that was created when you were young. While the idea of your perfect partner has certainly evolved as you matured and your taste and personality changed, I’m sure it’s not that different from your original version. 

If you’re like most, you based your ideal partner on a sexy, hot actor or successful titan of business. Though this may have helped you visualize the type of person you’re looking for, it's likely your perfect partner will be completely different from what you imagined. 

Think about it, if you were to think about your celebrity crush, how many of your previous partners looked or even acted like that person? Probably, none. 

When it comes to dating it's time to be realistic. 

If you have a long checklist of boxes that a partner has to check off, it’s highly unlikely that you'll ever find the one. Quite simply, a partner with all of those specific qualities doesn’t exist. At some point you need to take a step back and really think about the things that are important. You know, the values, aspirations and lifestyle that are in alignment with yours. 

How many times have you swiped left because he was a few inches shorter or a few years older than your idealized version? By focusing on that one thing, you probably closed the door on your perfect partner all because of a number.

As you mature, I hope your eyes have begun to open to the traits and qualities that are most important. This can help you to take on a more proactive role in choosing the right one for you. While you may still be attracted to tall, buff, sexy actor types, consider where that relationship will lead long-term.  

It’s true that beauty fades but personality is forever.

When looking for your perfect match, think about compatibility and not just attraction. For a healthy relationship, you need to be sure that there’s more to him than just his physical attributes.

By focusing on both your and his core values, you’ll discover that a relationship is better when it's built on a strong foundation. Values and aspirations that truly compliment you and your lifestyle will give you the highest chance of success in a long-term committed relationship.

A dating coach can be a valuable ally in your journey to finding love. Working with a certified dating and relationship coach who understands the complexities of dating can help you open your mindset and your heart. You can be guided to focus on the characteristics that truly matter and receive the support you need throughout the dating process. 

And, you can discover that dating can be fun.

It’s true you need to be attracted to your partner but, you also need to share the same dreams and goals for the future. By being open-minded and realistic, you can quickly find your perfect partner. Nothing’s worse than turning down wonderful men who don’t check off all of your boxes on your list. A professional dating coach is able to help guide and support you through the journey and help you focus on the characteristics that really matter. 

After all, how many times have you spoken to a friend who insisted on only dating men over 6’ only to discover that the man she happily married was only 5’9? Or the friend who wouldn’t look at any man who was a few years outside her age range, only to find her husband had so much going for him that age didn’t matter?

Reevaluating your concept of the perfect partner is an essential step towards building meaningful and lasting relationships. Looking beyond superficial criteria and prioritizing core values and aspirations can increase your chances of finding genuine compatibility. A dating coach can provide the guidance and support you need to navigate dating successfully. 

When looking for a professional dating coach, consider one with a results oriented program like the Art of Dating Academy. ADA  provides you with science based strategies, proven tools and  techniques along with the latest strategies tailored to the modern dating landscape. 

Because let’s face it, dating has changed a lot.

Join the The Art of Dating Academy, where you'll gain valuable skills and insight that can lead you to the fulfilling, long-term relationship you desire. Don't wait for another year to pass. Take action now and create the love life you deserve.

What about you?

Has your dating taste changed for the better or are you still looking for just a date instead of a relationship?

Post in the comments as I'd like to know.

Dare to date differently,


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