How Did This Happen?

birthdays and dating dating tips manifesting dating Feb 10, 2023

It's happening once again.
Usually, I'm happy and excited.

But this year feels different.
I feel out of whack, full of angst, moody and beyond frustrated.

My birthday is today.

Having a birthday during the coldest month of the year makes it seem irrelevant.
It feels too cold to go out and I'm feeling too disconnected to plan anything.

Not too different from how many of you feel about dating this time of year.

You might think to yourself, "It's too cold to meet someone."
"Why go on a date when I can stay home feeling cozy and warm?"
"Who'd want to be with me?" (Ok, that's how I'm feeling right now.)
"What's the use of trying to find a connection when no one is going out?"
"What's the use of trying to find love when all the good ones are taken?"

If you approach a thought or a situation with wariness and doubt, that's what you'll attract.
If you think there's no good men, that's what you'll find.
If you think no one's going out and you stay in, you'll wind up alone.

What would happen if you changed the way you're thinking?
How would the outcome be different if you thought about something positively?

I admit it.
I wallowed in my unhappiness about my upcoming birthday for a good 2 1/2 weeks
As a result, I got sick, had headaches along with mad upper back pain.

This is a rarity as I'm a pretty healthy person.
The last time I was sick was in 2019.

With my negative attitude it was inevitable that my health declined.
I'm grateful that was the only thing that declined.
I took some time off to regroup and am working on showing up differently.

What about you and dating?

Are you open to showing up differently?
Are you willing to meet someone and see where it leads?
Is now the time to get support and create the relationship that you want?

My birthday is Friday and I'm imagining how the day will go.
Imagining, planning, getting excited will allow wondrous things to unfold.

What about you?
Why not imagine a loving, connected relationship?
Imagine meeting someone and the 2 of you clicking?

Create your reality by starting with your imagination and see what transpires.

If you'd like support, the Art of Dating Academy begins soon.
If you're ready to up level by attracting, dating and creating a loving relationship, let's talk.
Life is too short to continue doing what you've been doing.
Let's get you what you want.

In the mean time, feel free to wish me happy birthday by replying to this.

Dare to create your new reality,

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