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When you’re dating, you’re looking for "The One", am I right?
I know, it's a ridiculous question. But, I want to be sure.

You’re looking for your Best Match, Mr Right.
I get it.
Why would you look for someone who's less than what you imagine is the right fit for you?

You have an idea of your perfect partner.
Your goal is to find your type.
But, not just your type.

He needs to be good looking.
He needs to be successful.
He needs to be sexy.
He needs to be kind, loyal and trustworthy.
He needs to live in a certain area of town with a certain type of home.
These can all be important when imagining a life with him.
All of this totally makes sense.

You’re looking for your ideal match which isn’t a bad thing. It’s what we all want and desire (every single one of us).

I have one question for you...

Are you coming from a position where you’re thinking to yourself,
"What’s the best that I can get?"
"What’s in it for me?"

If you're like most singles, it's how you're approaching dating.


What if…

Instead of asking yourself, "what’s the best that I can get?" you turn this question around.
What if instead, you ask yourself…

"What can I offer this person?"
"How much value can I bring to this person's life?"
"How can I bring the best of me on this date?"

Mind-shattering, right?

You see, the difference is coming from a position of strength instead of a position of weakness.
The strength is what you're providing versus what you're receiving.

If you're around my age, Gen X (born 1965 - 1980 ) or you're a Baby Boomer (1946 - 1964), this counters what we've been taught.

We came of age when the motto 'Greed Is Good' was prevalent.
Most of the movies we watched, books we read and corporate environments we worked in seemed to be about taking advantage of others.
It was about take, take, take.

The most popular movies and TV shows of our time were about corporate takeovers, scheming, scamming and using people. Think Wall St or any movie starring Michael Douglas. Consider primetime shows including Dynasty and Dallas.
Sales tactics of companies were sleazy and slimy. For some, it's still like that.

It's not our fault that we grew up during such a greedy, dog - eat - dog time.
Thanks to Millennials and Get Z we're slowly seeing the err of our ways.

A happy, loving relationship isn't 50/50. In that type of relationship both people are getting half.
Healthy, connected relationships are 100/100. It's where both people show up and give 100%. Sometimes, one person will give 80% and the other person will give an extra 20%. Other times, it alternates.
But, if both go into the relationship with the focus being on giving 100%, they both win.
If both maintain that focus, the relationship not only has legs, it can stand the test of time.

Studies show those who offer to give, actually receive more happiness, more joy, more appreciation and feel more gratitude in both their relationships and their career. Those who's only concern is themselves and what they can get, are much more dissatisfied in all aspects of their life.

Winning at all costs is no longer admirable.
And it makes sense, doesn’t it?

Hopefully you've heard, it's better to give than to receive.
But, have you ever practiced it?

When approaching dating from a position of giving instead of getting, the possibilities will open up better than you can ever imagine or conceive.

Approach dating from a loving, compassionate position of how many lives and hearts you can touch. Dating from this position of strength will have you stand out from all the rest.

When you date focused on how many people you can you give value to, how many you can light up, I promise you, you'll have more fun and receive more happiness and joy. You'll also attract a man full of substance who's eager to meet you at 100%.

The more successful you are when it comes to touching lives, the more pleasure you'll feel in your heart. In turn, this will easily attract the right man to you. The caveat is you must continue being discerning.

A high quality man will be attracted to you and your positive energy. He'll see your value and will work hard to win your attention, affection and love.

Are you ready to date from a position of strength and with an open heart?
Are you willing to dare to date differently and enjoy both the giving and receiving of love?

If you're interested in trying something different, I invite you to schedule a Discovery Call and see how much easier it can be dating intentionally.
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Date intentionally with strength,


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