It's Challenging Dating As An Introvert But, Not Impossible

Aug 10, 2020

Are you one of those women who just wants to be in a relationship, already?
Without all of the B.S. of dating?

That's because you're probably an introvert. 
And, that's okay because you're not the only one (and I have a special offer with a link that will match you with someone similar, if you're interested, at the very bottom of the page).
(You can also learn which of the 4 types of introverts you are and how to best self care when you click on the first link at the bottom of this article).

Introverts like you, don't enjoy dating, they don't enjoy the process, the journey because frankly, it's a PITA (pain in the ass).
There's so many other things you'd rather do, things that are so much more interesting and engaging than wasting your time meeting lots of people (probably all extroverts who totally don't get you), am I right?

I've worked with countless introverted people, both women and men, and what works for extroverts definitely doesn't work for you.
In fact, dating and all it encompasses like apps, speed dating, flirting, walking over to talk to someone doesn't work because it's all geared to extroverts.
It's an overabundance of choices, both in which app to choose and then, in the endless selection of possible connections and possibilities. It's all so overwhelming.

As an introvert, you need techniques and strategies that allow you to be yourself so, that you can shine one on one and you need someone who understands what being an introvert means. It doesn't mean you're less outgoing or lack confidence rather, you don't get excited about being around large groups of people and forced to make small talk with people you aren't interested in.

I probably don't need to tell you, because you live this day to day but, on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the highest, only 5% of people identify as being “highly introverted” whereas 12% say they're "highly extroverted". 
That's an awfully lot of extroverts in the world and in the middle, is 41% who identify as both extro and introverts. 
If you're 1 of the 5%, I feel for you.
Know that you're not alone, and know that you need a different approach to dating then what's out there. That's where I come in.

Most people don't know this about me but, I'm an introvert. I've enjoyed staying in, being quarantine for months and not going outside. Before Covid, I felt masses of guilt for not wanting to leave my home. (I work from home and love it.) I self quarantined at the beginning of March and didn't leave home for the first 3 months and I was fine with it. After that, I left my apartment exactly 3 times and for less that 15 minutes. I could honestly stay home for years as long as I have incidentals delivered. 
Are you like that?
Do you prefer time to yourself?
Do you enjoy working alone?

I like to say I'm an extroverted introvert because I've learned and perfected how to approach a large group of people, quickly connect with the right person and gently lead that one person to the side to get to know better. One on one is where I come alive. I've learned how to ask questions to draw out the other person which allows me to stay quietly in the background and learn more. Because, the attention isn't on me, I can relax.
Does this sound like you?
Do you feel drained by social interactions?
Do you radiate when you connect with the right one not, when there's a lot of people, activity and movement going on?

You're not necessarily shy but, having someone loud, domineering and overpowering doesn't work for you (which is why the pandemic is the perfect time for you to be self reflective and enjoy dating via zoom).
Is this you?
Are you introspective and curious?
Do you have a close circle of friends and prefer it that way?

Use this time to your advantage in connecting with the right person who's an introvert, like you.
Because, like attracts like.
It's quantum physics which, being the curious type, you probably know.

If you'd like to learn more and if you'd like to finally be in that wonderful loving relationship, let's get on the phone.
I'm here to help you date intentionally.


P.S. Here’s a defining question:

“If one year from today, things are exactly as they are now, will you be satisfied?”

If not, the question to follow is “what needs to change?”

And this is the question I'll support you to answer.

I'm hosting an energetic dating and matchmaking workshop virtually on Sept 12th with a true empath and together we'll match up women and men with their ideal matches, perfect for an introvert. This is the first time we're offering this which is why it's ridiculously inexpensive, if you get your tickets now. (The price will double the next time.)
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