Recession Proof Dating

dating tips Dec 14, 2022

The recession is real.

But, it doesn't have to keep you staying home and staying alone.

If the pandemic taught us anything, it's that we, singles, are resourceful.
Especially when it comes to meeting, connecting and creating a relationship.

There's two great things about both the pandemic and the impending recession.
Both are good but the 2nd will make a BIG difference in your dating life.

  1. It won't last forever.
  2. Whoever you meet and connect with has the potential to be the Real Deal.

How do I know this to be true?

Look at it this way.

For both women and men, the person you get into a relationship with will be connecting with the true you.

The pandemic brought along huge changes.
Because of the amount of time we spent alone and for most, working at home, working less or not at all, we grew and evolved.

We were forced to grow inward and become introspective.
If you were like me, you focused on the things that were important to you.
You discovered the things that mattered for you in your life.

Also, let's admit it. Your appearance changed considerably. (If you want to read an interesting article about the surprising reasons why and how to reverse it, I’ll have the link at the bottom.)
I'm speaking for myself. I expanded both inwardly and outwardly.
Sitting down more and with less movement had me gain weight and appear curvier.
I've accepted that and I'm okay with it.
Being inside and not in the sun, had me appearing paler, less healthy looking and definitely less youthful.
Yes, I matured chronologically (we all have) and it shows.
I’m comfortable with that.
I’m hoping you are too.

The past two years and current recession has either decreased your income or decreased your savings and investments. And the market continues to head south.

To have both things happen can create both fear and panic.
But it doesn’t have to be that way.

With all of those changes, there can be a benefit in regards to relationships.

Consider this, whoever meets you is going to meet the RAV, the Real Authentic Version of you.

Whoever is going to meet you during this time will be attracted to the true you.
At this time, you're less likely to be able to impress someone with your looks or your bank account.

Sure, that can sound scary.
But, view it a different way.

The person you attract will like you for you and not superficially by what you can entice with exterior things.

Isn't that great?

You won't have to wonder, will he/she still be attracted to me when my looks fade?
Will he/she stick around during a job loss or loss of income?

Basically, you won't have to ask yourself,
"Is he/she only interested in me for my looks or my money?"

What a relief to know that the person you're meeting, whether in person or on apps, is someone who's truly interested in you.

The Real You.

How would that feel?

Will it make a difference in how you show up?
Will it cause you to be more loving and forgiving of yourself and others?
Will it allow you to be more accepting and value yourself and others more than yesterday?

I hope so.

I hope the things that have held you back before no longer have a hold on you.

If you still have some hesitation about getting out there and about connecting and dating, I'd like to help.

I'm inviting you to a free, casual, show up as you are, intimate zoom meeting in a very small group setting.

By meeting you and helping you connect with yourself you'll be able to connect with the one you're meant to be with (in real time).

There’s 2 invitations, one for women only and one for men only. This free event is for a limited number of people so if you’re interested reply to this with your first name and the words,
For Women” or
For Men”.

I'm looking forward to connecting with you soon.

I can't wait to show you why your dreams of a relationship are not just possible, but probable when you have support.

This has the power to change so much more than just your outlook— it has the power to change your whole trajectory.

Don't wait until it's too late. Reply now.
This could make all of the difference.

Be intentional by showing up fully,

Click here for an eye awakening article about how and why the pandemic affected your skin and how to reverse it.

Schedule your free strategy call and learn actionable steps that will help you attract, date, and create a loving, connected relationship.


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