What a busy summer of love, until this happened

Oct 11, 2023


You know when you meet that someone special, all kinds of changes happen. It's almost like you lose track of time and space.

That's why I've been busy creating, traveling and loving up my someone special and have neglected you. We’re all learning and evolving which enhances our chances for true love.

Our love filled summer included us spending 2 weeks visiting Croatia, Belgrade, Porto Montenegro and Zurich.

During a fun - filled Labor Day together in NYC, we saw the ultimate comedy trifecta (Jim Gaffigan, Ronny Chieng and Jerry Seinfeld) at Gotham Comedy Club.

What an amazing evening full of excitement, laughter and happiness.

And then, right after we left the comedy club,


We had a major blowout.

Ever have so much fun that it's too much to take? 

This happens in a lot in relationships. Everything is going well, until it's not.

Ever have argument after argument yet something draws both of you back to each other?

How do you know when it's time to stay and when it's time to go?

Arguments and disagreements often occur in the beginning of relationships. These can either bring you closer together or further apart.

Oftentimes, one of you may engage in self - sabotaging behavior. There’s a number of reasons why this occurs. Primarily, it’s related to issues of fear and abandonment and/or intimacy.

Frequently, it lurks in the background and manifests in patterns of behavior that threatens the future of what otherwise may be a beautiful, loving relationship.

In our case, our arguments were starting to become a pattern. A pattern I was intent on disrupting.

That evening, we separated for the time being and regrouped the next day. This was the best decision because it took quite some time for both of us to simmer down and figure out how to address the blowup.

After almost a week had passed, we met on a Zoom call and discussed the incident. By this time, we could both come to it with love and compassion that definitely wasn't there during the heated exchange.

If the 2 of you can sit down, openly discuss both of your wants, needs and expectations, the relationship will not only survive but thrive.

Don't fear confrontation.

Don't be afraid that one or several blowups will cause the relationship to disintegrate.

Addressing disagreements head on (when both of you have had time to calm down and reflect), can actually bring both of you together, closer than before. 

The value of confrontation in relationships lies in their potential to enhance communication, understanding, and growth when approached with respect, empathy, and a willingness to resolve issues together.

Together, my partner and I figured out a plan to take this incident to move forward building a stronger and deeper commitment. What we have is something special that neither of us wanted to toss aside.

What about you?

When you meet that someone special, are you willing to speak up when things are going awry?

Are you able to stand up for yourself and openly discuss any friction you see, feel and notice?

Would you be willing to honor your boundaries, confront negative behavior and call it out?

When you can do all of those things, your relationship will flourish.

Don't give up too early.

Don't end it too soon if it's worth anything.

Patterns can be broken. Relationships can heal. When both of you are focused on the end goal - a happy, loving connected relationship, your relationship will grow, thrive and succeed.

No matter where you are on your dating journey, you probably have patterns that need to be disrupted.

As your certified dating coach, I address these behaviors, and more in the Art of Dating Academy.

Here's the $1,000 question.

Are you ready to break your dating and relationship patterns?

Are you excited to move forward and be in a happy, loving, connected relationship?

Isn't it time to acknowledge that what you're currently doing isn't working?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, either quietly to yourself or yelled with fists pumped in the air, the Art of Dating Academy is perfect for you.

Based on your insightful feedback, I'm revamping the program for a January debut.

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Dare to date differently,

Elizabeth (your wingwoman in love and in life)


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