Is Dating A Means To An End?

dating point of dating Apr 26, 2023
What's Behind Dating?

Dating gets a bad rap.

As a certified dating and relationship coach, whenever I attend a party or event I get to hear so many people's opinions and viewpoints about dating.

People in marriages or relationships tell me how grateful they are that they never have to date again.

Singles tell me how much they hate dating.

I find this all very interesting and bewildering.

Yes, I'm a rarity. I'm a single women who has always enjoyed dating.

I genuinely enjoy meeting people and seeing where it goes. I've always been opened to a relationship and if that doesn't pan out, I'm open to friendship.

I'm still friends with pretty much anyone I've ever gone out with.

I've set up past dates with friends who'd be perfect together, helped them find jobs and new homes, had them as roommates and commiserated with them when they've had their hearts broken through breakups and divorces.

If they were interesting enough to go on a date with, why would we end the relationship if we weren't a match?

I'd like to hear from you, how do you feel about dating? (You can reply to this as I'd like to know your thoughts and views.)

Do you think it's a means to an end?

If so, I can see why you dislike it.

What if you approached dating a different way?

What if you could be open to all possibilities?

What if you could have fun getting to know someone?

What if you could enjoy yourself while discovering things about yourself and your date?

What if you could view it as something other than a means to an end?

Would that make a difference in how you date?

Would that make a difference in how you show up?

If you want to find a partner, I believe it's the only way it's going to happen.

Try it and let me know how it goes.

If you're willing to dare to date differently and ready for support, I'm here for you.

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P.S. Did you know that the happiest relationships had the couple start out as friends?

Please share with me your thoughts, opinions and answers to the questions above by replying to this.

Everything you share will be completely confidential.

That's how I roll.


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