When Dating, How To Navigate Friendships

dating and friendships when friends/ family don't like your man Mar 24, 2023
When Dating, How To Navigate Friendships

When dating, having a group of friends around you can be invaluable. 

They can encourage you to get out there and date. They can advise you on what to wear. They can go out with you when you don't want to go out alone. They can commiserate when dates don't go well.

But, what happens when you meet someone you like? Do you know how to navigate your friendships when dating?

Do you have the type of friends who are beneficial to your wellbeing? Are they encouraging and excited for you and this new relationship? Are they supportive and understanding when you'd like to spend time getting to know him better? Do they care deeply about your happiness and want the best for you?

Or do they become jealous, insecure and threatened?

Do they not understand that though you enjoy spending time with them, you also want to see where this new relationship goes? Do they try to sabotage this new relationship by criticizing him or pointing out all of the wrong things about him? Do they discourage you from seeing him or say negative things about how you choose to spend your time?

As a dating coach, when one of my clients meets a great guy, it's wonderful. I'm just as excited as she is.

One of my clients, April, came to our weekly sessions happy and full of love. She had met a nice man and they had a lot in common. They both had been raised by single parents and had to shoulder a lot of responsibility growing up. Both enjoyed cooking and antiquing. It seemed like a match made in heaven.

A few weeks went by and she showed up looking sad, unhappy and despondent. She told me she was planning on ending it. 

After some discussion, she explained that she really liked him and that there wasn't anything wrong with him. She believed there was potential but her best friend had dissuaded her from seeing him. April felt lost and confused.

I'd seen this happen before. It can happen with a single best friend or a tight group of friends. Instead of being encouraging and supportive, the friend/s feels intimidated and threatened. They feel pressure because their friend is happy and they're not.

We had a lengthy conversation about what she wanted and how her friend were feeling. She understood the situation and knew what she had to do if she was focused on having this man in her life. It was a difficult conversation she was afraid of having with her best friend but she presented her side with love and compassion.

April was lucky. She was able to build a relationship with the man while maintaining her friendship with her bestie.

When you begin dating someone you like, the dynamics of your relationships with your friends and family may change. It can be challenging to navigate your friendships when you start dating. What's great is you don't have to end either relationship to be happy.

When you have a supportive coach, team, friends or family you can navigate all the newness and feel happy with the results.

What about you?

Are your friends happy when you meet a man you're interested in? Do you they offer you their love, support and encouragement? Do they want the best for you?

I hope so. I hope you have everything you need and have strong allies in your corner.

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