Where Are All The Single, Eligible Men?

Sep 17, 2021

Have you ever been on vacation and you met a fabulous new man?
And you had the time of your life with this new man. Perhaps you even fell in love.
Has this ever happened to you?


You’re visiting a new city maybe, for work. You’re there for a couple of weeks and you go out by yourself one day. And that’s the time when you meet an amazing man.

Why does this happen?
Why are all the fabulous single men in a place where you don’t live?
Why aren’t they where you live?
Do you think you should move?

I’m here to tell you that you do not have to move. Not if you don’t want to. If you love where you live you can find amazing eligible men right where you are.

I know you think that’s impossible. I know you think that you’ve met every single eligible man that lives in your city. Maybe you think you've met every single man who lives in your state. It’s not true.

Consider some of the smallest cities in the US. In Cheyenne, Wyoming there are 1385 single men to every single woman. In Ithaca, NY there's 1419 more single men than single women. In Mount Vernon, Washington single men beat out single women by 1560. For those Southern single women, you get to choose from 1648 for every one of you. You'll find an extra 1793 single men to every single woman if you live in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Now, I'm sure you live in a city that has a larger population than these so let this give you hope and alert you to the overwhelming possiblities.

Back to the question you're thinking, "Why can't I meet a man where I live?"
There’s several reasons why you’re not finding what you’re looking for in your hometown and it's easier for you to meet men elsewhere.

The main reason you were able to meet single, eligible men when leaving your home turf is because you're in a different environment, plain and simple. In a different environment you no longer have the same routine you do when you're at home.
You're outside your comfort zone and this has you acting differently.
This has you thinking differently.
This has you feeling differently.
You don’t have all the pressures that you have from your day to day existence of living in your same city. All the pressures that you have from going to the same job and seeing the same people have been altered. You're in a new city which brings new energy. That’s why whenever you move to a new place you can easily meet and form a relationship with someone quickly.
Your energy is different because you’re out of your comfort zone.

I know I talk a lot about getting outside of your head, leaving familiarity, trying something new and that’s because you're able to bring an entire new you to your life.
It’s why you can have a summer romance when you go on vacation. It’s why you can meet all of the wonderful eligible man when you’re on a work trip.

Yet, you're still having trouble meeting available men in your backyard.

But, you don’t have to leave your city to meet a wonderful man.
All you have to do is change your energy.
All you have to do is leave your comfort zone.
All you have to do is get outside of your head and check in with your body and do what and go where it feels right to you.

If you're ready to leave the familiarity you're used to and if you want this time in your life to be different, if you want to have a boyfriend and be in a relationship, I can help.
I have a new program and the waitlist is filling up. If you're interested and you want to be added to the list, reply or email me at [email protected] and you'll be alerted before it's announced. There will be limited spots so, let me know soon.

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