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Dating has changed. Everything that worked before no longer applies.

What would it be like to confidently talk to someone you like, comfortably go on a date and have him ask you out for the second date before the date's even over?

That happens over and over again for the women who choose to work with me.

Having a skillful dating coach in your corner to teach, inspire, support and encourage you every step of the way can make the difference between being alone and being in love.

With the Art of Dating Academy, you’ll get everything that you need including:

  • Proven roadmap with strategies, techniques and tools
  • A dating profile created and tailored to you
  • Accountability and direct feedback
  • Loving encouragement and support

that will help you happily attract and date the one you’re meant to be with in 8 short weeks.

You’ll attract and date your perfect match while we celebrate your wins and the result- finally having the relationship you’ve always wanted.

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1-1 Private Dating Intentionally Coaching

You’ve got everything that you want in life - a successful career, wonderful friends but something is missing…

love with that someone special.

You’re ready to co-create a loving, connected relationship but its not working.

Why can’t it be as easy as all of your other accomplishments?

What got you success on all other levels won’t help when it comes to attracting and dating.

But, that’s okay.

I’ve got you.

As the Dating Attraction Expert, I can help you clear a path through the concrete jungle to attract your ideal match.

I’m not going to lie, there’s probably going to be some resistance on your part. It's what's been preventing you from getting what you want.

There may be some tears because we’ll go deep to work through what’s been getting in your way but I promise you’ll have fun and actually begin to enjoy dating while you get to choose the right one for you.

Get ready to not only meet your Mr. Right but to also enjoy co- creating your happy, loving, connected relationship together.

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